My Thoughts: The Ending of the Bo Pelini Era

After an evening of thought I decided to put my thoughts to paper regarding the University of Nebraska and the Bo Pelini ending. I know many people will find things to disagree with me about but this was not intended to provoke debate or anything of that nature. This is simply how I feel and how I felt watching Nebraska football over the last few years. My former teammate, Adam Carriker, inspired me to write this out after I read a Facebook post he put out shortly after the firing of coach Pelini. This is not something I have ever done but in light of the current circumstances surrounding Nebraska football I figured I would give it a shot. Excuse the grammatical and punctuation errors throughout! I was a B student in English.

Born and Raised in Nebraska

I grew up on a farm, and later, a small town in Nebraska. I can remember from around the age of 6 years old becoming obsessed with Nebraska football mainly because my friends I played with were Husker fans. My father was a farmer not a sports guy. He grew up on a farm and didn’t play sports so it was nothing that he pushed or cultivated in our household. I can remember my Saturdays most of the time being spent on a tractor and listening to Nebraska games and post game interviews. Whenever they were on TV I was right there watching. To this day I can recite the players who wore that N on their helmet from All Americans to the walk on guys who fought their way and earned a spot and the right to be on the field at memorial stadium. Continue reading